The Imitation Game

I watched The Imitation Game last night.  I do not watch many movies, since I consider most entertainment a complete waste of time (yet another conviction due to someone’s influence on my thinking that I need to work on).  My interest was to learn more about Alan Turing.    I was deeply affected by the story, in a a way that I never would have been even 5 years ago.  First of all, it was interesting that he went to school at Sherbourne.  It reminded me of my boarding school days in England.  We used to play Sherbourne in sporting events, and they routinely thrashed us, as did Millfield.  But I could not help to consider my own weakness as a youth, paranoid about homosexuality.  It really did not play a role in this great mans life, until his death as he was persecuted for his sexual orientation.  It saddens me to think that as a youth, I might have been one of those boys bullying him, although I don’t think I really would have gone that far.  But I remember stupid things I said and did that were cruel, and perhaps the fact that I still remember these events at age 55 means that I still feel shame and had an underlying decency masked by boyhood bravado.  Anyway, nothing profound, just an uneasiness about what happened to this man Alan Turing.