Ketogenic Diet Week 8 or so

I have not kept up with my documentation of my ketogenic way of eating.  I use way of eating on purpose instead of diet, since the word diet implies some degree of suffering in my mind.  I had my regular check-up last week, blood work results pending.  From my physical examination the results are as follows

  1.  BP 120/70, heart rate 66
  2. Weight 166 pounds, down from 173
  3. No changes in how I feel physically
  4. Stronger grip since incorporating more calisthenics into my work-out routine. On that note, I would really recommend a Youtube channel I subscribed to called Calisthenics and weight training with Kris.  If I was smart enough with a computer I could attach a link to the website, but the guy is awesome and knows his stuff, from a surgeons standpoint
  5. Mentally, I feel much sharper, not hazy and foggy like I used to feel
  6. I sleep a great 5 hours, then wake up at 3.30 every am.  Thought about just getting up and working but I force myself to go back to sleep for another 2 hours
  7. Overall, I feel much better at this weight, and the ketogenic way of eating is easy to follow and really quite delicious