Ketogenic Diet End of Week 5

OK several observations after 5 weeks of ketogenic eating

  1.  I really don’t miss the carbs.  I never had much of a sweet tooth, but I really don’t miss it
  2. My body fat is at its lowest level as far back as I can remember.  It seems absolutely counter-intuitive to me after years of a low fat diet that eating higher fats actually does help you lose body fat.  I still try and stay away from the animal fats, maybe old habits die hard, but I have crammed myself full of almonds and avocados, natural peanut butter, hummus, olive oil etc.
  3. My 5 week picture shows a fairly well defined 6 pack, and the veins are starting to pop out in my left lower quadrant
  4. Splitting my cardio into a 20 minute light work out in the am and a harder 30 minute workout in the pm I think has helped
  5. I still have lost about 30% of my maximal strength, but I don’t look much smaller, and my body weight is down about 5-6 pounds.  A friend of mine tells me my power will come back.  Not too sure if I am interested in a lot of power anymore at age 55
  6. Eating ketogenic is actually very easy, by far the easiest change in my eating habits, because the foot is palatable and I don’t hungry often
  7. 2 teaspoons of Metamucil in 8 ounces of water really does cut your appetite
  8. Going to get new lab work done this month, we will see if the blood work looks good.  My last total cholesterol was 156, HDL 59, and LDL 93 on no cholesterol meds.   Strong family history of hypercholesterolemia

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