Ketogenic Diet, End of Week 4

Just completed week 4, and I have numerous observations to report

  1. I have lost about 5 pounds, going from 175 to 170 pounds, age 55, height 5’8″
  2. My waist size has decreased, and I am probably a waist 30 from a 32/33.  My 32 khaki shorts are now big on me.  (For all the men and women out there, remember that a male waist size of 40 inches and a female waist seize of 36 inches are independent risk factors for cardiovascular mortality)
  3. I estimate that I have lost about 30% in terms of my max for weight lifting, although curiously I have not lost that much weight, and my body fat percentage is lower. Not sure if that is due to over-training, worse recovery post training, or just a temporary change that will reverse itself with time.  I am not too worried about it but will see how things progress
  4. Really hesitant to show picture of my 4 week  progress on the internet, but I can tell a huge difference in terms of definition

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