Ketogenic Diet End of Week 5

OK several observations after 5 weeks of ketogenic eating

  1.  I really don’t miss the carbs.  I never had much of a sweet tooth, but I really don’t miss it
  2. My body fat is at its lowest level as far back as I can remember.  It seems absolutely counter-intuitive to me after years of a low fat diet that eating higher fats actually does help you lose body fat.  I still try and stay away from the animal fats, maybe old habits die hard, but I have crammed myself full of almonds and avocados, natural peanut butter, hummus, olive oil etc.
  3. My 5 week picture shows a fairly well defined 6 pack, and the veins are starting to pop out in my left lower quadrant
  4. Splitting my cardio into a 20 minute light work out in the am and a harder 30 minute workout in the pm I think has helped
  5. I still have lost about 30% of my maximal strength, but I don’t look much smaller, and my body weight is down about 5-6 pounds.  A friend of mine tells me my power will come back.  Not too sure if I am interested in a lot of power anymore at age 55
  6. Eating ketogenic is actually very easy, by far the easiest change in my eating habits, because the foot is palatable and I don’t hungry often
  7. 2 teaspoons of Metamucil in 8 ounces of water really does cut your appetite
  8. Going to get new lab work done this month, we will see if the blood work looks good.  My last total cholesterol was 156, HDL 59, and LDL 93 on no cholesterol meds.   Strong family history of hypercholesterolemia

Ketogenic Diet, End of Week 4

Just completed week 4, and I have numerous observations to report

  1. I have lost about 5 pounds, going from 175 to 170 pounds, age 55, height 5’8″
  2. My waist size has decreased, and I am probably a waist 30 from a 32/33.  My 32 khaki shorts are now big on me.  (For all the men and women out there, remember that a male waist size of 40 inches and a female waist seize of 36 inches are independent risk factors for cardiovascular mortality)
  3. I estimate that I have lost about 30% in terms of my max for weight lifting, although curiously I have not lost that much weight, and my body fat percentage is lower. Not sure if that is due to over-training, worse recovery post training, or just a temporary change that will reverse itself with time.  I am not too worried about it but will see how things progress
  4. Really hesitant to show picture of my 4 week  progress on the internet, but I can tell a huge difference in terms of definition

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oils

OK so I am in my third week of about 3 teaspoons of MCT oils.  I must confess I have not noticed a big difference in the way I feel, but I will reserve final judgement until I have completed 6 weeks of using the MCT oil, and then make a decision about continuing to take it daily as a supplement.  The possibilities are either:

  1.  It does not really make you feel better or give you more energy as its proponents claim
  2. The effects are subtle, and not clinically detectable, but maybe the blood work will be a better indication of the effects of MCT oil
  3. I am not taking enough of the MCT oil to make a clinical difference in the way I feel
  4. I altered too many factors at the same time as staring the MCT oil, including starting on a ketogenic lifestyle, doing more cardio, splitting up cardio into 20 minutes in the am, and 20-30 minutes in the pm
  5. The MCT oil I am taking is not “therapeutic enough” and there are better ones on the market

I am inclined to think it is #1, but I will reserve judgement until I have taken it for 6 weeks, and then stop to see if there are any changes.  Stay tuned…

The Imitation Game

I watched The Imitation Game last night.  I do not watch many movies, since I consider most entertainment a complete waste of time (yet another conviction due to someone’s influence on my thinking that I need to work on).  My interest was to learn more about Alan Turing.    I was deeply affected by the story, in a a way that I never would have been even 5 years ago.  First of all, it was interesting that he went to school at Sherbourne.  It reminded me of my boarding school days in England.  We used to play Sherbourne in sporting events, and they routinely thrashed us, as did Millfield.  But I could not help to consider my own weakness as a youth, paranoid about homosexuality.  It really did not play a role in this great mans life, until his death as he was persecuted for his sexual orientation.  It saddens me to think that as a youth, I might have been one of those boys bullying him, although I don’t think I really would have gone that far.  But I remember stupid things I said and did that were cruel, and perhaps the fact that I still remember these events at age 55 means that I still feel shame and had an underlying decency masked by boyhood bravado.  Anyway, nothing profound, just an uneasiness about what happened to this man Alan Turing.