Ketogenic Diet Update 3

Ok in the middle of my third week.  I have a few observations to report

  1.  My strength has diminished by approximately 10%.  This may be related to just not getting enough calories in during the day
  2. My leg recovery is very slow.  I have a hard time with squatting more than a few reps without a “burn”.  I suspect my thigh muscle glycogen level is at a minimum.  I must investigate if big muscle groups like the thighs can adjust well to using ketones for energy production
  3. I have not lost much weight, maybe 3-5 pounds max
  4. I am sleeping extremely well, unless I wake up hungry like last night
  5. Splitting cardio into 2 sessions really makes sense and is easier to do with 20 minutes in the am and 30 min in the pm
  6. Probably need to up my calories



6 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet Update 3

  1. When I first started keto like 4 months ago, by the 2nd week I found it impossible to work out, I instantly got dizzy. So then I just decided to stick to the diet and quit working out. My weight loss has been slow but I still see progress. I think it’s very impressive that you can manage to workout while doing keto. Kudos to you!


  2. That is really a low calorie count. Very low calorie diets have not faired well in clinical trials in terms of long term weight loss. Meaning that over the long haul, patients on very low calorie count diets tended to regain the weight over time. Sorry if this old information to you but just making sure


  3. You strength will go down considerable the first few months, but eventually you will get it back. Keep in mind that your balance in squat will also change when you weight go down.

    As far as energy intake, I didn’t reduce nor increased. I stayed at 3000kcal, but reduced the carb percentage down to around 10% (or as low as I could get it), meanwhile I increased the fat. This will definitely pay dividend in the long run.

    Don’t go too crazy in the cardio in the beginning, if you want to increase cardio, do it week by week with small increments.


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