Ketogenic Diet Diary

So far, so good.  Up to 3 teaspoons of MCT oil daily, without any side effects.  Some observations so far:

  1.  Once you get into it, you tend to pay attention more to what you are eating, and I find myself not eating that cookie with my coffee, or snacking on the cupcakes that the drug rep brought over that I would never have thought about before
  2. Combining high quality protein with a salad is truly delicious
  3. I really like kale, which surprised the hell out of me
  4. I think I am sleeping better, although that may because of the cardio I added
  5. My overall attitude about everything is better
  6. I do not get the usual fatigue after lunch like I used to even with a reasonable carb lunch
  7. I have lost maybe about 4-5 pounds, and maybe a little strength, but overall it has been a positive experience
  8. I plan on doing this experiment for 6 weeks total, combining the diet with 20 minutes of elliptical in the am and 30 minutes of some type of cardio in the pm as well as 45 minutes of weight training in the pm
  9. Be interested in anyone else who has tried the ketogenic diet giving me their thoughts and experience

One thought on “Ketogenic Diet Diary

  1. I am on a ketogenic diet and has been that since January 2015. The effects of removing the carbs have been fantastic. The first 2 weeks were a nightmare as a result of detox. I was craving all things, but managed to stick to my plan. I am also a powerlifter so I needed to reduce the weights as my strength dropped a little. By end of July I had dropped 13kg and by the end of the year my strength was at the same level, which means I am stronger since I have 13 kg less in bodyweight.

    I am still on a high fat diet, where I don’t consume any pasta, bread, potatos and rice. My sugar craving is totally gone and my blood results are better than ever.

    In my opinion a diet is something you should live on for your entire life. If it is only a limited-of-time kinda thing you will only revert back to old habits and gain weight back, if not more.


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