Ketogenic Diet

So I started on a ketogenic diet about a week ago, in order to reduce my body fat and get into better shape.  Not that I am in horrible shape, but I wanted to experiment to see how it made me feel.  Like most people, I get the fatigue symptoms after lunch, and generally have lost some of the high intensity energy I used to have.  I guess part of that lack of energy could be from being 55 years old, and 8 year of college and medical school, 8 years of general and vascular surgery residency, and 24 years of clinical vascular surgery practice can do that to you!  I have already learned a few things and some observations

  1.  MCT oil is palatable in coffee, but do not start of with a tablespoon of oil.  It will most likely lead to diarrhea, and you won’t take it again!  Start of at just a teaspoon, and slowly increase it over a week or two.  I am now up to 3 teaspoons a day, and no problems
  2. Take high quality proteins that are low in fat such as skinless chicken breast and salmon or tuna.  I eat less red meat, mostly because its sometimes hard getting a lean cut of meat, and animal fat tends to be more saturated fats which is what I am trying to avoid
  3. I am loving using more olive oil in cooking and salads
  4. I really enjoy eating a handful of nuts daily, including almonds and peanuts
  5. I dont feel guilty about snacking on a tablespoon natural peanut butter when I am hungry
  6. Not sure about the bulletproof coffee concept will have to research that further but it seems like a large calorie dump from butter
  7. I can definitely feel a difference within one week in terms of decreasing my body fat.  I am going to keep a picture diary weekly to make sure that it is not an illusion
  8. I also added a 20 minute cardio session in the morning.  It is well known that splitting cardio into 2 sessions increases your metabolism over a 24 hour period better than doing all the cardio in one session.  It also makes is easier time wise to split it up, and less strain on my body.  I used to love running, but my orthopedist told me if i keep running, I may need knee surgery 10 years down the line, and that just seems like a hassle that I don’t want to get into. So I do about 20 minutes of elliptical work, getting my heart rate into the 130’s in the am.  Sometimes I will do a shot run to break up the monotony.  In the evening, I lift weight for 45 minutes, and then do 20-30 minutes of cardio, mixing it up between kettle bell swings, and the stair stepper machine.
  9. The kettle bell is really much more difficult than I had imagined, and I think I am going to concentrate on learning more about it.  It really gets my heart rate up, strengthens my core muscles, and there are many different exercises I can do with it

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