The Death of David Bowie

I dont exactly know why the death of David Bowie has affected me so much.  Maybe its because I remember discovering his art as a 16 year old when I was in boarding school in England.  The outrageousness of his act was a stark contrast to boarding school etiquette.  I drifted towards other musicians later in life .  It was the Sex Pistols and the Stranglers during my angry years.  Roxy Music during my mellowing years.  Then I rediscovered Bowie for the past 4-5 years.  I marveled at how diverse and talented he was.  But maybe it has affected me so much because it has put my own mortality into focus.  As a surgery resident and vascular surgery fellow,  you are bludgeoned into believing that you are the only one capable of getting anything done, and the world will collapse without you.  Now at the age of 55, I face another 30 plus years of living (average  life span of an American male is 84), of which maybe 15-20 years will be relatively good living, then another 5-10 years of more difficulty physically.  Not that I am in bad shape (to be discussed in a later post).  Its a remarkable tribute to the frailty of the human mind that it takes an event such as a death to make us think of our own situation.  Hopefully I am smart and focused enough to make the changes necessary for the next 30 years


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