Why do people get leg swelling?

Of all the patients I see in my clinic, leg swelling has to be the most prevalent cause for people to seek our help.  There is definitely an epidemic of people with leg swelling. I am just going to deal with the most common causes.  There are

  1. Medications side effects
  2. Venous insufficiency
  3. Deep venous thrombosis
  4. Lymphatic or venous obstruction

Of these, the most common causes are medication and venous insufficiency.  Lets deal with medication in this post.  The most common cause by far of leg swelling is blood pressure medication.  Specifically amlodipine (Norvasc) which is a very popular and effective medication for the management of high blood pressure.  a 5 mg dose of amlodipine is less likely to cause swelling as compared to a 10 mg dose.  The second most common drug that causes leg swelling is gabapentin (Neurontin).  So if you have new onset of leg swelling, make sure to check your medication side-effects.


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